IWA-Verein Newcomers Netzwerk Region Braunschweig
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  • you are new to the Braunschweig area and from a foreign country?
  • you are new to the Braunschweig area and from another region of Germany?
  • you are returning to the Braunschweig area after living abroad?

Have we sparked your interest?

If you fulfill our requirements for membership, the next step would be to find out more about everything the IWA-BS has to offer. Our casual, informal monthly meeting, IWA-BS Happy Hour, is just the occasion to get to know each other better and learn what our association is all about. 

If you want to become an official member of the IWA-BS, please contact one of our steering committee member to obtain the application form. There will always be one or more steering committee member/s at our IWA-BS Happy Hour gathering.

IWA Guide Book

The idea to write a survival guide for the Braunschweig Region was what IWA-BS thought of establishing for a long time and finally our project ‘Settling In – IWA Guide to the Braunschweig Region’ is completed and printed.

Our guidebook is written with its personal recommendations from our members and friends. All of the useful addresses, weekend activities and places to visit are real insider tips. This is why our guide is unique and has an independent text and interests.

The recommendations are based on our own experiences; we recognize how difficult it is to move to a foreign country or even to another city to build a new life. New residents often face complication to adapt to another culture or different lifestyle. Over 40 of our members supported this project and we are very grateful to and proud of all those who participate. Our project team discussed over the topics, the writers wrote their articles, the proofreaders corrected the articles, some helped with the editing, some took beautiful pictures for our guidebook, some researched their field and wrote an expert article and we somehow executed this enormous project with extra patience and time management. Our team did work in their spare time, voluntarily and with an enthusiasm that ultimately led the project to a successful one.

Look in the book “Settling In”

Refer to the extract of the guide for a first impression by clicking the picture of the guide above.


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the ‘Settling In - IWA Guide to the Braunschweig Region’.