New ? 

  • you are new to the Braunschweig area and from a foreign country
  • you are new to the Braunschweig area and from another region of Germany
  • you are returning to the Braunschweig area after living abroad

If you are looking for like-minded people to exchange experiences and ideas, a warm welcome, support, social contacts and a sympathetic ear and to socialize with, the IWA-BS may be just the place for you.

If we've caught your interest and you fulfill our requirements for membership, the next step would be to find out more about everything the IWA-BS has to offer. Our casual, informal monthly meetings are just the occasion to get to know each other better and learn what our association is all about. Depending on your schedule, you can either join us at the monthly Newcomers' Coffee (mornings) or the - also monthly - Stammtisch (evenings).

If you want to become an official member of the IWA-BS, please contact one of our steering committee member to obtain the application form. There will always be one or more steering committee member/s at our Newcomers' Coffee and 'Stammtisch' gatherings.


Newcomers' Coffee:

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The Newcomers' Coffee takes place on the first Thursday of every month  (except during the school holidays).

This is where prospective and new members as well as long-standing members meet. Over cookies and hot and cold drinks, you have the opportunity to gather information about the IWA-BS and to make new acquaintances.

When and where? Please take a look at our Calendar. (indicated in red color)




Stammtisch Tresor

The IWA-BS Stammtisch ("regulars table") is an informal gathering to which you may bring along your partners and friends. It takes place at the bar/restaurant "Tresor" on every third Thursday of the month in the evening (except during the school holidays). There is no need to sign up or register. Come along for a drink or a snack, have a chat and enjoy meeting new and old friends....

When and where? Please take a look at our Calendar. (indicated in red color)