Newcomers' Coffee


This is where prospective and new members as well as long-standing members meet. Over cookies and hot and cold drinks, here you have the opportunity to gather all current and necessary information about the IWA-BS and to make new acquaintances.

  • all are welcome - members and prospective members
  • takes place on the first Thursday of every month (except during the school holidays)
  • please take a look at our Calendar for exact date and meeting place (indicated in red color)




The IWA-Stammtisch ("regulars table") is an informal gathering to which you may bring along your partners and friends at the bar/restaurant in the evening.

There is no need to sign up or register. Come along for a dring or a snack, have a chat and enjoy meeting new and old friends....

  • all are welcome - prospective members, newcomers, members, partners and friends
  • take place on every third Thursday of the month (except during the school holidays)
  • please take a look at our Calendar for exact date and meeting place (indicated in red color)

Special Events


Culture, fun, arts, beauty, sports, cooking, workshops, concerts and much more! The IWA-BS offers a variety of so called special events as they do not take place on a regular basis. Our Special Event Team organizes one or two events every month; furthermore, we support every member who has good ideas in the organization of new events.

We would like to acquaint our members with the German culture and traditions (advent wreath making, the green cabbage excursion), city walks in English and German and intercultural workshops. If you join all of them you will be very very busy...

  • for members only
  • please take a look at our Calendar (indicated in orange color)
  • please Log in to our Members’ Area for detailed information
  • newcomers can be invited (please inform us)

If you are an IWA-BS member and have suggestions or recommendations regarding our Special Events, please log in to our Members' Area and refer to our Suggestion Box or go to our FAQ for further instructions.


Regular Groups



  • for members only
  • please take a look at our Calendar (indicated in green, light blue and navy colors)
  • please Log in to our Members’ Area for detailed information
  • do not run during the school holidays
  • the members must register to each group


1. English Bookclub I

After making the decision between the ‘Ensemble-Gericht’ and ‘the Tagesgericht’ at a restaurant, we travel the world through a wide range of books, whether philosophical, psychological or just plain fun. We have enjoyed anything from ‘Skipping Christmas’ or ‘Brick Lane’ to ‘Continental Drift’. 

2. German Bookclub I

This group meets in the evening -  every 6 to 8 weeks at the members’ private homes. With a glass of wine and some cheese we discuss books of all genres. This could be a poem or something political. Generally, we all read the same book and share the impressions we got. We always have interessting debates.

3. German Bookclub II 

We're a group of book-enthusiasts who meet every six weeks at a Café to talk about a book chosen at the previous meeting. After a more or less time-consuming chat regarding everything BUT literature, we sip our ginger tea, cappucino, etc., and discuss our book of choice. In the course of the months (and years...) we've covered a multitude of subjects, countries, classic and modern novels and had a lot of interesting and often heated discussions!

4. Breakfast Gathering

Our Breakfast Gathering group meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It is open to all and is held at different members' homes. Usually, there will be a group of around 10 ladies. In a relaxed atmosphere, we enjoy our breakfast, talk about our everyday lives and always have a lot of fun!

5. English Conversation I

The ladies meet regularly every second Monday in the morning at a cafe in Braunschweig and speak about whatever interests them.

6. English Conversation II

The English Conversation Group II is a fun, lively and friendly group of ladies from many different countries and cultures, sometimes up to 12 or 13 of us, who meet, in the morning, at a Café on the last Friday of every month.   Some ladies have breakfast while others just enjoy a good “cuppa” (cup of tea) or coffee.  Needless to say all conversations are in English and cover a wide variety of topics, depending on our moods on the day! If you’re interested in improving your English and/or meeting new people you’re most welcome!  The more the merrier!

7. English Conversation III

We meet every fifth weeks on Tuesdays at a private home and it will alternate in the afternoon and in the evening. English conversation III arranges a subjective topic into the meeting to create a good group dynamic. The discussion topic should support our group interactive and can be a good introduction for curious outsiders. We are a group of women that get together to socialize and enjoy speaking English regardless of nationality and culture in a relaxed and casual environment. It is irrelevant how well we speak English in our group; we encourage everyone to participate in our conversation round. If anyone requires a ride to the meeting place we arrange pick-up and drop-off assistance.

8. German Conversation - Advanced

"Morgenstund hat Deutsch im Mund". The German Conversation group meets every fourth Wednesday of the month in the mornings at a private home, some food is offered. It is not a language learning course, but is an opportunity for learners at all levels to listen to and speak German.

9. Italian Conversation

Buongiorno! Let´s chat Italian but without grammar and rules. It is just free talking about books you have read or places you are going to visit. We meet once a month at Sabina´s place in the morning and sometimes at an Italian restaurant in the evening. Beginners or advanced are all welcome to join us!

10. Spanish Conversation

The Spanish Conversation group offers new members with a good working knowledge of Spanish the opportunity to use and practice this language. Ladies from Spanish-speaking countries also take part, so that we have a very interesting cultural exchange!  The group meets in the morning once a month generally on Wednesdays. We speak Spanish, about topics of general interest and enjoy our time together. Date and venue varies and is announced with the respective invitation. New participants are very welcome!

11. Painting Class

Be creative with the IWA-BS!  On Thursday mornings we meet and paint, draw, etch, print...You can develop your creativity. There is a fee to be paid in advance for 10 sessions.

12. Pilates

A group of up to 8 IWA-BS Ladies meets once a week for a Pilates lesson with a qualified trainer. Here you are in best hands. The trainers' rooms have a very warm and nice atmosphere. With her professionality she sees everything and is corrects mistakes in  position immediately. Ten lessons cost 120 Euros. Twice a year, the German health insurance will subsidize up to 70% of course costs.

13. Theatre Visits  *pf

In the „Theatre Group“, we watch performances of opera, operetta, musical or plays, mostly at the “Staatstheater Braunschweig” and together we enjoy wonderful music, awesome actors and actresses and interesting productions.  This group is always open for members, husbands and friends and we usually meet 4 -5 times a year. After the performance or during the break there is always time to discuss, to chat or to have a drink.

14. Welcome Circle

As the name suggests, our Welcome Circle group supports new members in their settling-in process and strives to answer any questions newcomers might have.


*f : indicates that friends are invited

*ff : indicates that family (including children) and friends are invited

*pf : indicates that partners and friends are invited


If you are an IWA-BS member and have suggestions or recommendations regarding our Regular Groups, please Log in to our Members' Area and refer to our Suggestion Box or go to our FAQ for further instructions.