Intercultural Garden and "Learning German Effortlessly"


IWA Helps Team

IWA-Helps consists of a group of members of the IWA-BS, which has set itself the goal to help convey basic knowledge of the German language to refugees.

Mrs. Martina Krüger of the Bureau for Migration Issues, who is in charge of the „Intercultural Garden”, has helped us launch our project.

All year round, the ladies of the IWA-Helps Group offer German classes for refugees at the Bureau for Migration at Auguststrasse. In the summer, the Group organizes casual get-togethers with the refugees at the „intercultural garden”. These can be German conversation meetings with coffee and cake, cooking together, organizing a small party or whatever other creative activities the Group comes up with. The goal is to help those coming to Germany seeking refuge to be able to manage their everyday lives. The introduction to and familiarization with the German language surely forms the most important component in this process.Intercultural garden BS

The greatest challenge is to reconcile people from different migration backgrounds and with different levels of education. Some have only just arrived from their countries of origin and others have been in Braunschweig for quite a while. Primarily, the refugees come from Africa, Haiti and Syria. The IWA-BS members are German and foreign ladies, generally without prior teaching experience. Through “learning by doing” and a high level of motivation they have acquired the necessary skills. During this process, the whole group has gained a sense of making a small but important contribution towards the integration of the refugees.

This is a fairly new project which wants to grow and thrive!


If you are an IWA-BS member and have any suggestions or questions regarding on our charity project, please Log in to our Members' Area and refer to our Suggestion Box.